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Jun. 4th, 2016

(no subject)

Does this still make cake. I keep pushing the button and no cake comes out. Only slightly soggy tacos.

Adios Tando.

May. 14th, 2009


So are you following me on twitter yet?

- I'm in grad school now (as of this week) for a Masters in Engineering Management
- $10 syrup is worth it
- The lovely lady broke up with me
- I've met a new lovely lady
- I went to Kings Dominion on Mother's Day, there are no lines
- I bought a DSLR camera (Canon XSi)
- I'm so behind on TiVo right now

hope all is well...

Jan. 25th, 2009

Where it all comes from and where it all goes

I haven't seen this places in ages. Don't know if anyone ever reads it, but I do see my friends, at least some of them, still update there journals.

So how about an update?

Things that are the same since we last spoke, most likely:
- I still work at the Patent Office
- I still live in Alexandria, VA
- I still live in the same apartment that I did the day I moved here
- I still have most of the same interest
- With exception no one else I know has died
- I still don't cook

Things that have changed:
- My aunt died a while back
- I'm dating a lovely lady named Alex
- I'm older now, 25
- I bought a real love seat, it even has recliney bits and is leather
- I have a Roomba
- Many friends have moved away, I miss them
- I experienced several raises at work but I realize that no amount of money will compensate for the fact that I'm unhappy at my job and that I only tolerate it because it is so extremely hygienic in nature
- I'm going to start grad school, assuming things don't crash in to the ground, in the fall
- I'm 30 some pounds lighter

Things I did while I was gone:
- Debated my future and narrowed it down to three: law school, teaching English in a foreign country, grad school. Hopefully I'm making the right choice here.
- Got certified in sailing
- Bought a Wii and a PS3
- Discovered the joy of Netflix
- Made efforts to become more web involved but somehow forgot about this place
- Migrated over to gmail (wbpartridge)
- Visited NYC, Nashville, Amsterdam, Barcelona and LaCrosse, WI
- Applied for many a job only to be told I either have not the experience required or that I've been out of school for too long

Where you can find me now:
- Twitter (wbpartridge)
- Flickr (wbpartridge)
- Yelp
- Facebook

That's about it for monuments. Maybe I'll try to update this blasted thing more. Or maybe I'll forget about it for another few months until I get curious about a friend and in the midst of reading up on their journal remember I should partake in this dance.

Drop me a line, would ya?

Oct. 29th, 2008

This is just a test...

*tap tap* Is this thing on?

Jul. 5th, 2007

How I Spent My 4th of July

Watching movies all day. 9 hours, 4 movies, 45 minutes of trailers. I'd have watched more but we had to go home.

Live Free or Die Hard, Transformers, Pirates 3, and Evan Almighty. Bias asside, Transformers was my favorite. I was miffed at the portrail of DC in Die Hard (you can't see the capital building from so many places in the city, the only building that even comes close to that is the Washington Monument) and Evan Almighty. Pirates was just too long, despite being 20 minutes longer than Transformers it felt much much longer.

I'm really surprised that Evan Almighty cost $25 million more than Tranformers too.

Is it sad I don't care about fireworks anymore? I remember they used to amuse me in some form but now I just don't care. Maybe it's the summer of weekly fireworks when I worked at the fishing pier, who knows?

Apr. 24th, 2007

I love "The Riches"

"You, you're a man of the world. You've been around. You've seen seen it. You've seen a horse. You know. You've played the field, you've been in fields."

I don't know why it amuses me, it does though.

PS: Heroes was awesome, I'm sure you all know.

PPS: I'm clearly not dead, just contemplating my future.

Feb. 16th, 2007


Apartment Photos

Apartment Photos

The Riches

Reminder for a couple friends:

The Riches premieres March 12th at 10pm EST on FX

If you're an Izzard fan check it out.

Jan. 21st, 2007

Never Buy a Samsung.

I'm posting this in hopes to spare someone and to save myself from explaining this situation over again to people who ask.

On November 11th I bought a TV from Circuit City. A LN-S4695D (46" 1080p LCD) for just under $3,000. From the day I brought it home it had a problem of turning itself on by itself unless the TV was unplugged. Turn the TV off and 30 seconds later it was back on. I called Samsung several times the first week and Circuit City to determine best course of action. Due to Circuit City's unwillingness (They told me I could bring it in and "we'll see" or that I could pay them $65 to exchange it) to assit and at Samsung's suggestion I agreed to have the TV serviced. Their service for my area (DC Metro area) is done by a company called Executive TV. While I place a lot of blame on this with Executive TV I still feel it's Samsung's responsibility as they were the people apointed by Samsung.

Short end of it - it took 6 weeks and hours of my time on the phone and waiting around to get my TV repaired. No one from Samsung seemed to follow up on anything they said they would. My request for compensation of lost value on the TV and for my time was ignored.

Long VersionCollapse )

Nov. 27th, 2006

News of consumer expendetures AHOY!

So I've been a busy boy. Unloading massive sums of cash into consumer electronics kind of busy.

Bought a new TV (Samsung LN-S4695D). Which required me to move furniture around in my living room. Thanks to Vinny and Carl for helping move the TV and to Wongy for helping me move the living room around.

Also bought the HD-DVD drive for 360 as well as a pair of optical cables and VGA cables to go along - 1080p is nice folks. Wii followed. Now an HD TiVo.

Overall I'm broke but happy. To help we got a raise at work and have another one coming in January. Happy days!

Pictures to come soon.

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